Serial Number:E1908534

JDMODEL 1:14 Bulldozer Universal model

  • Brand name: JDMODEL
  • Type: JDM-98

Net weight: 26KG(about 33KG packed in cartons)
Material: main body zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, drive walking parts 45 steel, hydraulic pump chromium steel
Features: the door can be manually closed and opened, the exhaust pipe can be movable with a rainproof cover, the wheels of the simulation swing table can better contact the ground to generate grip when walking, equipped with a soil loosening device, which can simulate the plough to move the hard ground. The bulldozer can tilt.
Length: 685 mm
Width: the widest part of 351MM bucket
Outside track width: 228MM
Height: 323MM anti-roll frame
Remote control: ledie AT9 2.4g remote control, using 8 no. 5 batteries or 3S lithium batteries (please confirm the positive and negative electrodes when connecting)
Power voltage: 12V, using 3S lithium battery (length: 140MM, width: 45MM, height: 40MM)
Startup sequence: 1. Please open the remote control first. 2. Connect the main power supply of the model
Sound system: standard tape, no need to purchase.
Lighting system: no standard, need to buy.
Hydraulic pump: flow rate: 0.8l /MIN, rated pressure: 2.5mpa, ultimate pressure: 5Mpa.
Reversing valve: 4-way reversing valve with middle return oil cock.
Lighting system: additional purchase is required (installation service is not provided)
Control system

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