Serial Number:E1908533

JDMODEL 1:14 Universal Towing head model


Ratio: 1:14

Dimensions: length 669, width 230, height 278, unit MM

Weight: 8.1KG, plus remote control 8.56KG

Theoretical traction mass: 80KG

Remote control: fs-i6s, with 6 receiver

Note: the remote control USES 4 no. 5 batteries, main vehicle 11.1V3S lithium battery or 12V battery, and the battery connector is XT60. Operation steps: first open the remote control (the switch of the remote control should be in an upward position), then connect the power supply of the main car, wait for the signal sound confirmation before the operation (about 5S), if the operation in advance is likely to make the electric adjustment enter the setting mode, resulting in the electric adjustment cannot work normally.

Before opening the remote control, please check the upward position of each switch and the middle position of the control lever, and then open the switch after confirming

Battery installation of remote control: use 4 ordinary no. 5 batteries. Please pay attention to the installation of positive and negative battery for the main vehicle: first measure the voltage (battery and power display need to purchase another 3S lithium battery with a length of 150MM, width of 45MM and height of 40MM), and the voltage shall not be lower than 11.1v

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