Serial Number:E1908532

JDMODEL 1:14 Universal Dump truck model

  • Brand name: JDMODEL
  • Type: JDM-65D

Ratio: 1:14

Size: length 680, width 210, height 160, unit MM

Weight: 10.3KG, plus remote control 10.8KG

The weight of the whole vehicle plus the package is 15 kg
Theoretical load: 15KG
Total weight: 24.5KG
Remote control: fs-i6s (6 channels)
Battery and lamp group shall be purchased separately. The battery shall be 3S lithium battery with length of 150MM, width of 45MM and height of 40MM. The voltage shall not be lower than 11.1v
The hydraulic fluid needs to be size 32 or 46
Gearbox: adopt static point model latest planetary gearbox, appearance simulation. Compact structure, simulation zipper shift. High torque, can shift gear in the road. Slow down 1:6 in first gear and 1:6 in second gear
Power: strong magnetic high torque brush 35T540 motor, carbon brush can be replaced. Measured vehicle load 30 kg 45 degrees steep slope.
Front suspension: swing arm suspension, increase the swing amplitude of the front bridge, improve the performance of the truck.
Rear suspension: less plate type lightweight parabolic steel plate, load is better than large elasticity, so that each tire evenly grounded.
Drive axle: zinc alloy simulation single stage deceleration axle shape design, can remote control differential lock, improve the passing of dump truck. Hexagonal adapter adopts the static point model axle sleeve structure with higher installation accuracy.
Steering: double connecting rod steering system, the steering gear is installed between the girders, position simulatio17KG steering gear drive steering torque is large, each connecting rod coordination, can form different steering Angle to reduce the steering resistance.
Hub: 10 hole cooling vacuum tyre ring structure, surface anode bright silver.
Tyre: specification 315/80/R22.5, diameter 86.5mm, width 22MM, deep groove pattern, improve grip.
Transmission shaft: equipped with static point model initial v-shaped gradually open Angle transmission shaft, spline structure, large torque shape simulation, peng bai power by me.
Oil cylinder: 5-stage multistage oil cylinder, 37MM in diameter, 115MM in stroke, 5MP in withstand pressure, connected with static point model oil pump set, 400KG theoretical thrust
Oil pump: 2814 brushless motor drive, rated pressure 3.5-5mpa, flow 0.42L/MIN. Small size and high efficiency, driven by 40A brushless electrical modulation.
Front buckle: buckle type structure, easy to replace the battery. The structure is novel, when pull the lock, the car shell will automatically spring up.

Oil tank: bright silver anodized on the outside, hydraulic oil in the inside. You can make it look like a real car.

Taillight: the taillight with explosion-proof net designed by the static point model can be installed 3-5mmled lamp freely.

Compartment: adopt simulation bucket, unloading faster reduce the adhesion of materials

Electronic equipment: power electrical modulation 320A7. 2-16.8v high voltage modulation
Sound group: 3 sound effects can be replaced
Note: remote control voltage 9.6v, main vehicle voltage 11.1v, 3S lithium battery or 12V battery.
First, open the remote control, then connect to the power supply of the main car, and wait for the confirmation of 4

signals before operation (about 5S).

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