Serial Number:E1908531

JDMODEL 1:14 Excavator Universal model

  • Version of a complete set of
  • Empty machine version
  • Brand name: JDMODEL
  • Type: JDM-106

JDMODELS the latest jdm-106v2 remote control hydraulic excavator model
Vehicle version: the whole vehicle with electronic equipment hydraulic system remote control, no battery, sound group and light.
Empty version: empty body, no electronic equipment no hydraulic system.
Net weight: 53.5 jin
Package size: 950*420*350MM
The whole vehicle plus package is 33.5 kg
Material: main body zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, walking parts 45 steel, hydraulic pump hydraulic valve chrome steel,

Hydraulic cylinder stainless steel and brass

Body size: length * width * height: 827*246*260mm (top of cab)

Outside track width: 248MM

Maximum lift 15KG, theoretical maximum lift 60KG,

Maximum excavation radius 820 (mm)
Maximum excavation depth: 516 (mm)
Maximum excavation height: 833 (mm)
Maximum unloading height: 500 (mm)
Rotation Angle of movable arm (left/right) (stepless rotation)
Minimum clearance 36 (mm)
Remote control: fs-9. Use 8 no. 5 batteries or 3S lithium batteries (please note the positive and negative electrode connection)
Power voltage: 12V, using 3S lithium battery 5200MHA, (length: 140MM, width: 45MM, height: 40MM)
Can be placed in parallel two, extended working time, battery need to buy
Hydraulic pump: flow rate: 1.2l /MIN, rated pressure: 2.5mpa (the hydraulic system USES no. 32 hydraulic oil by default)
Reversing valve: 3-way middle oil return power reversing valve

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