Serial Number:E1908529

JDMODEL 1:14 Trailer dragging model

  • Brand name: JDMODEL
  • Type: JDM-2

The static point model dm -2 variable width heavy duty towing plate suit is suitable for tamei towers 1:14 and 1:12

Net weight: 4.2kg (gdm-2a JEEP DOLLY) +8.6kg (SWING WING TRALIER) =12.8kg (total weight)

The size of package box 1 is 1535*340*265MM, and the size of package box 2 is 655*320*235MM

The whole vehicle plus package is 19 kg

Bearing capacity: 300 jin

Material: mainly aluminum alloy, ABS, brass.

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation, sandblasting.


Gdm-2a JEEP DOLLY: 558.88mm (length), 241mm (width when fold), 361mm (width after width change), 218mm (height)

Sdm-2b SWING WING TRALIER: 1304.5mm (long), 1502.93mm (length of tailplate when lowered), 241mm (width when folded), 361mm (width when widened), 287.5mm (height)

Features: Australia giant lizard (Drake Trailers) is a famous American trucks, but because of the vast and sparsely populated Australia, long-distance transport is required, therefore is more popular in Australia, the trailer are powerful, ChongXingHua development, is a real strong man!

USES: real vehicle for heavy engineering vehicles for short-distance transit, machinery, logistics and other operations transport. Suitable for site transportation, loading and unloading, etc

Used for supporting tamiya 1:14 trucks, 1:14 engineering trucks, 1:14 military tractors, etc. (we will produce 1:14 heavy trucks)

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