Serial Number:E1908527


  • Brand name: JDMODEL
  • Type: JDM-129

1. Overall size: 541.5mm in length, 200MM in width and 253MM in height

Package size: 810*360*340 MM

2. Body weight: 6.6kg, remote control 0.32kg

Packing weight: 3.58kg, total weight: 10.5kg

3. Main materials: aluminum alloy, iron plate, brass,ABS,PC

4. Minimum ground clearance (position of axle gear package) 32MM

5. Approach 35 degrees, pass 20 degrees, leave 56 degrees

6. Power voltage: 12V, XT60 connector, recommended to use 3S lithium battery above 25C, size range: length, width and height within 165*50*60MM

7. Maximum speed: 25KM/H (3S battery)

8. Remote control: ludi RC4GS

9. Sound module: it needs to be purchased and installed separately, without standard equipment. The 3T sound group is recommended

10. Lighting system: need to be separately purchased and installed. Product no. Gdm-76

11. Main features: adopt 2 gear planetary transmission to reduce the speed of 1 gear 1:16 and 2 gear 1:4. The axle has remote control differential lock function. The anti-tilting bar can be adjusted to lock the anti-tilting bar screws when running fast to improve the stability of the body, and disassemble the anti-tilting bar screws when the bridge needs a greater twist when climbing.

Debugging method:

1. Loosen the small lock head screw of differential steering gear and make the compression spring of the small lock head as fixed as possible

2. Increase the amount of rudder in remote control channel 3 (right side)

The lock difference between front and rear Bridges is not in place.

1. Loosen the big lock head screw of differential steering gear and find the corresponding steel wire rope of front and rear Bridges and pull it out with one screw to fix it (note: the steel wire rope should be pulled out little by little while adjusting the effect, do not pull too much distance at one time)

2. Increase the amount of rudder in remote control channel 3 (left)


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