Serial Number:E1908309

SCALECLUB 1/14 Universal Power rear axle

  • Rear axle without pulley reduction, without brake
  • Through the rear axle without pulley reduction, wi
  • Rear axle without wheel reduction, including brake
  • Through the rear axle without pulley reduction, in
  • Wheel reduction Bridge
  • Wheel reduction through rear axle, with broken tra
  • 8X8 Power Suit

Scarlett solemnly launched a new design of the rear axle, with a simulated appearance, excellent performance!
1. Casting technology is more similar to real trucks in appearance and technology.
2. It is not easy to sweep teeth with higher durability when 45 steel gear is processed and heat treated.
3. Tooth ratio 1:9, greater torsion output, filling in the shortcoming of too fast output speed of Tamiyama wave box.
4. Design of planetary deceleration at wheel edge
5. Lock difference function
6. The mid-rear axle has the function of breaking transmission, the performance and operation of the real car, and it is more playable and convenient for customers to DIY (e.g. rebuilding the lifting bridge).
7. As long as you are a mud lover, Scarborough is worth having.

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