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About us

Fun play model is a Chinese simulation model manufacturer. Founded in 2016, the company is committed to building trucks and construction machinery models that are more realistic, playable and cost-effective worldwide. Easy play hall model has a hobby model and has many years of profound communication electronics, engineering machinery, precision processing, e-commerce field of professional talents composed of high-quality research and development and production team.

Since its establishment has research and development, the production of a series of high-end remote control truck, engineering mechanical model and the simulation sound groups, including headlamp unit, electronic governor, professional multi-channel remote control model for a series of electronic equipment, as well as the hydraulic oil pump, reversing valve, oil cylinder, oil slip ring, piston hydraulic motor and rotary motor, walking a whole set of engineering mechanical model of hydraulic components; The products released by fun play model have created several leading technologies in the field of model, and have completely surpassed a number of industry pioneers in the degree of product details imitation, durability and cost performance.

In the future, fun play model will further invest resources in product technology research and development and application, production process, capacity improvement and other fields, and continue to provide cost-effective high-quality products and high-quality services to model lovers around the world.